Our Industry

Our Industry

Playing our part in the energy solution.

The oil and gas industry is part of a diverse mix of energy producers working together to supply essential energy around the world. Access to reliable, affordable energy results in dramatic, long-term improvements in quality of life and impacts all of us daily.

Petroleum Products

While transportation and heating fuels are some of the best known products derived from oil and natural gas, a variety of petroleum-based products that we use every day include:


Plastics, including food packaging, medical devices, helmets, child safety seats, airbags, and electronics

Synthetic fibers

Synthetic fibers used for clothing, furniture, and carpeting


Asphalt used to pave roads for both commercial and private vehicles


Petrochemical uses including detergent, paint, fertilizer, preservatives, and various waxes

Oil products

An assortment of different products are derived from refined oil, including gasoline and manufactured items:


Kerosene for heating, and also for jet fuel—allowing people to travel across the world safely and quickly

Diesel fuel

Diesel fuel for trucks, trains, and other heavy transportation that enables a large and efficient logistics network

Industrial feedstocks

Industrial feedstocks, which enable the production of many home products, such as plastics, waxes, and lubricants


Asphalt for paving roads and fixing pot-holes

Natural gas and NGLs

Natural gas and natural gas liquids also shape our daily lives. For example, methane is used to heat our homes and power our stovetops for cooking. Other natural gas elements, known as natural gas liquids (NGLs), are used to make many common items:


Ethane, used in the production of polyethylene, is a component of many plastics such as bags from the grocery store and water bottles


Propane is used for outdoor heating and cooking, such as BBQ’s and camping, and can be used in the production of plastics, such as polypropylene used for plastic furniture, food containers, and household plumbing


Butane is used as an industrial feedstock and for commercial and personal lighters and torches

Natural gasoline

Natural gasoline is blended with other petroleum products to produce commercial gasoline

As a proud oil and gas operator, Chord Energy plays a vital role in delivering the innovations, products, and conveniences that enhance our collective quality of life. By the same token, we are committed to producing oil and gas with the least possible impact to the environment. As populations expand and energy demand grows, our long-term strategy is to meet these needs affordably, reliably, and responsibly.