Rooted in our core values, we maintain sustainable energy practices that exemplify our commitment to energy security and availability. Our ESG highlights demonstrate an ongoing commitment to creating a resilient and prosperous world.

From the CEO

At Chord, we are dedicated to responsibly meeting the world’s energy demands while continuously enhancing our environmental, social, and governance (“ESG”) performance. We strongly believe that oil and natural gas will remain essential for delivering affordable and reliable energy crucial for global quality of life and economic development for decades to come. We further believe that the U.S., with its abundant resources, established rule of law, and robust regulatory framework, is well-positioned to meet future oil and natural gas demand.

We understand that a commitment to sustainable business operations begins at the top and requires proper governance. Members of the Company’s Board comprise our Safety and Sustainability and Nominating and Governance Committees, which work with other Board committees and our senior leadership team, including the Vice President of Sustainability, to drive ESG initiatives and to evaluate progress and integration as we strive for continuous improvement of our performance.

The Company continues to make progress in reducing Scope 1 greenhouse gas (“GHG”) emissions, improving safety performance, and making advancements in community engagement, workforce diversity, and climate-related governance.

Advancing our sustainability performance is a journey of continuous improvement. We expect our stakeholders, and society at large, will remain focused on GHG emissions reductions as the world evolves towards a lower carbon economy, and at Chord we are committed to doing our part. We are voluntarily working to align with the World Bank’s Zero Routine Flaring initiative, and we are using and testing a variety of emissions monitoring solutions to identify more quickly, fix, and redesign equipment that may emit GHG emissions.

We expect the combination with Enerplus to allow us to build on the improvements made in 2023 and apply our learnings, and best practices, in the core of the basin. We expect this to once again create a stronger, more efficient, more resilient, and more relevant entity for all our stakeholders.

For further information we invite you to review the 2022 Chord Energy Sustainability Report and the 2022 Enerplus ESG Report. Later this year we plan to provide an update on Chord and Enerplus’ 2023 performance.




Daniel E. Brown 

President, Chief Executive Officer and Member of the Board of Directors


Things we are working on in 2024

Aligning disclosures with TCFD framework

Working with peers and contractors to enhance safety performance and best practices

Documenting Scope 1 and 2 GHG emissions calculation processes and enhancing controls in anticipation of new SEC and EPA disclosure rules

Focus on integrating Enerplus data and reporting

Chord 2022 ESG Highlights

53% Decrease in operated Scope 1 GHG emissions intensity in 2022 since 2019
47% Decrease in operated Scope 1 methane emissions intensity in 2022 since 2019
~$1MM Donated to education, community, and mental health organizations in 2022
80% Of Directors are independent

Chord launched the Waves of Hope campaign to fight the stigma associated with mental health conditions, and provide education and resources for those struggling with mental health. We are proud of this important campaign, which encourages individuals to take care of their mental health just as they care for their physical health.

Waves of Hope